2014- 2015 Educator Retooling Program

Retooling scholarships are available to educators in specific endorsement areas.  Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis. Educators will need to submit complete application materials to be considered for an award. Retooling dollars are only available in Math and Science endorsements at this time

If you would like to be contacted if future funds become available in additional endorsement areas, add yourself to our Educator Retooling Contact List.

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) has funding and technical support through the Educator Retooling program available to support teachers to add the following endorsements:

  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Any Secondary Science area
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth and Space Science
    • Physics
  • Middle Level Math
  • Middle Level Science

Funding supports Washington certified teachers in adding an eligible endorsement to their certificate through Pathway 1, 2, or 3. For information on the various Pathways to Add an Endorsement visit Pathway Chart

Funds may be used to pay for endorsement test (WEST-E), university administration for the pedagogy assessment, and tuition for coursework.

Funding for this program is through the Conditional Loan Scholarship program. The conditional scholarship is a loan that is forgiven for teaching service in the endorsement area added through the program (partial assignments are allowed). Teaching service must be in a Washington state K-12 public school. The state shall forgive the loan obligation entirely if the recipient teaches in the shortage area endorsement area added through the program in a Washington state public school for two years per each scholarship. Each candidate is allowed up to $3,000 per scholarship, per fiscal year.

Getting  Started: To submit all required materials for an Educator Retooling Scholarship, please read and  follow the steps below carefully

  1. Download and read the Instructions for the Retooling Conditional Loan Scholarship
  2. Download and complete the Conditional Loan Application with Instructions
  3. To ensure your application is complete, please be sure that you:
  4. Include your teaching certificate number in the space provided.
  5. Applicants must sign  on the bottom of each page.
  6. You must provide complete information for two references, preferably family members and preferably in state. If you do not have reference in state you may use out of state references
  7. If you are Pathway 2 or 3, you must contact a university or college offering the endorsement. You will need to obtain a Plan of Study from an adviser at the college and include it with your state application

 Plan of study- Example plan of study

  • The Plan of study must include the following:
  • Be on University Letterhead
  • Your name
  • Course titles
  • Course numbers
  • Semester or quarter you will take the courses
  • Cost for each course
  • Total cost for endorsement coursework (can include cost of WEST-E)
  • Expected date of completion
  • Your signature
  • University designee’s signature

Send all original materials (We cannot accept emailed or faxed applications at this time) via mail to:

Alexandra Manuel
Director, Educator Pathways
PO BOX 47236
Olympia, WA 98504-7236

Check List:

To be considered for a Retooling Scholarship Award you must send:
Your completed Conditional Loan application signed applications
Plan of Study

Have Questions?

See Frequently Asked Questions - Educator Retooling Program, or email PESB@k12.wa.us.

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