ProTeach Pass Rate

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Olympia, Washington—April 5, 2011

The Professional Educator Standards Board announces the passing rate and range of scores for teachers who participated in the first full administration of the ProTeach Portfolio. The first of its kind, entirely online evidence-based portfolio assessment, the ProTeach Portfolio is currently one of two options available for teachers to earn their professional teaching certificate. Beginning September 1, 2011 this will be the only available option to earn a professional teaching certificate in the state of Washington.

The passing rate of portfolios submitted was 70%. In order to pass, teachers must meet or exceed a composite score of 31. This cohort of teachers had composite scores ranging from 31 to 39.5. Out of those that did pass, 37% of them had composite scores ranging from 35 to 39.5. The assessment is a rigorous and challenging one but those who have completed it, they reported that the process has strengthened their teaching practice. Sarah Bauer who teaches 8th, 9th and 10th grade science courses stated, “I liked that working on the portfolio forced me to reflect on my teaching and do research. This helped me get reenergized and got me excited about teaching again.”

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The Professional Educator Standards Board was established by the Legislature in 2000 and is responsible for setting and upholding high standards for the profession, ensuring that students encounter high-quality educators throughout their school experience. This deliberative body fulfills the state's intent for the profession to be self-governing, with a composition primarily of practicing educators and administrators joined by representatives from educator preparation programs, parents and citizens.