Length of Residency   

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Olympia, Washington – August 13, 2010

The Professional Educator Standards Board recently completed regulations governing the transition from program requirements for professional certification to use of a legislatively mandated external assessment to determine teacher competency. The final determination set a “length of residency” timeline as required by the statute.

Beginning in September, 2011, teachers will receive an undated residency certificate upon successful completion of a teacher preparation program. Teachers will automatically receive a dated residency certificate after they have met the required experience in the class room. The experience requirement is defined as a minimum of two years of successful teaching, with a cumulative 1.5 full time equivalence (FTE) thus permitting part-time teaching as qualifying.

The first dated residency certificate is good for three years. Teachers are eligible to renew their three year residency license under certain circumstances, or allow it to lapse. The PESB ruled that certificates may lapse in response to concerns expressed by stakeholders; the board understands that “life happens”. Teachers move, transfer or start families and may not be able to complete professional certificate requirements over a strict timeline. This policy gives control to teachers, but still holds active teachers accountable to meet the requirements over clear timelines or risk losing their license.

Teacher are expected to register and submit the external assessment, the ProTeach Portfolio, during their three year residency. If a teacher fails their first attempt, or neglects to submit a portfolio during the first three years, they can obtain a first two-year renewal. If teachers fail to act during the first two-year renewal, their license expires. If they fail the portfolio assessment after the first two year renewal, they can obtain a second two-year renewal. License expiration occurs if teachers are unable to pass the ProTeach Portfolio after repeated attempts. Reinstatement can only occur after five years away from teaching and a commitment from a school district to hire; then the teacher may receive a reinstatement transition certificate but must pass the assessment within two years.

A flow chart is available at www.PESB.wa.gov. Questions about the length of residency or the ProTeach Portfolio may be directed to David Brenna or visit www.WAProTeach.org