The Purpose and Roles of the Professional Educator Standards Board


Establish policies and requirements for the preparation and certification of education professionals, ensuring that they:
  • Are competent in the professional knowledge and practice for which they are certified.
  • Have a foundation of skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to help students with diverse needs, abilities, cultural experiences, and learning styles meet or exceed the state learning goals.
  • Are committed to research-based practice and career-long professional development.
The PESB also serves as an advisory body to the Superintendent of Public Instruction on issues related to educator recruitment, hiring, mentoring and support, professional growth, retention, evaluation, and revocation and suspension of licensure.


PESB is charged with fulfilling several roles in Washington's educational system:
  • Policymaker.  Regulatory policy-making and oversight of Washington's system of educator preparation, certification, continuing education and assignment.
  • Program Implementer.  Operation of legislatively-mandated programs.
  • Advocate.  Advocacy for mission-related policy, programs, and resources for students and educators.
  • Advisor.  Strategic advice and guidance to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction on the full range of issues affecting certified educators.
The roles encompass both existing educator (inservice) workforce and prospective (pre-service) educators.