Meet Ron Jacobson

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What’s your day job?

I currently [Spring 2017] serve as the Dean of the College of Education at Northwest University in Kirkland. I have just accepted the position as the Executive Director of the School of Education at CWU as of August 1 [2017]. A bit of a transition this summer.

How long have you been serving on the PESB?

Since fall of 2014 (I believe the November 2014 meeting was my first meeting).

What drew you to becoming a PESB member?

The opportunity to deepen collaboration between WACTE & PESB.

What are you most excited about in your work as a PESB member?

I actually love the interaction with board members and staff. The conversations are in-depth, thoughtful, tough, and well-argued. Our board members are informed and care about the issues that come before us. One of the best groups I’ve worked with.

What are your most meaningful takeaways from your time on the Board?

That the decisions we make have real consequences for programs, stakeholders, and individuals. Keeping that in mind helps me remember the weight of each of our decisions.

How would you encourage the Board’s stakeholders to become involved or more knowledgeable about the Board’s work?

Being at board meetings or listening to our webinar broadcasts; submitting public comment; keeping informed.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Cherry pie

Any additional comments to the educators who read this?

The issues that the PESB faces, like many in education, are multi-faceted and don’t lend themselves to easy answers. The board takes seriously our call to make informed decisions, keeping in mind the ramifications of each. We are educators who care deeply about our teacher preparation programs, our schools, and our students.