Meet Luke Thomas

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What’s your day job?

I'm a high school social studies and Spanish teacher in Mead School District, which is just north of Spokane. My specific assignment this year is AP European History and AP Human Geography. However, I've taught Spanish I and II as well as Pacific Northwest History, Humanities, AP US History, and Honors World History.

How long have you been serving on the PESB?

I'm not exactly sure what my total term has been, but I think I'm in my 3rd year and wrapping up my first year as the chair of the board.

What drew you to becoming a PESB member?

I've served in a number of teacher leadership roles throughout the state in the last 15 years, some of which were in conjunction with PESB initiatives. Having at least partial understanding of the Board's roles and responsibilities compelled me to consider how I might offer my talents and experience to continue to support educator development and thereby positively impact student learning.

What are you most excited about in your work as a PESB member?

I love the massive learning opportunities afforded by serving on the board. The regulatory, advisory, and policy-making functions of the board are complex and have provided significant professional enrichment that I endeavor to make available and communicate to educational professionals in the region where I teach.

What are your most meaningful takeaways from your time on the Board?

There are an array of factors that impact the work of teaching and learning in our state and we are tremendously blessed in Washington to have a practitioner-based board comprised of thoughtful, compassionate educators making decisions that support the excellent work being done throughout schools in Washington state.

How would you encourage the Board's stakeholders to become involved or more knowledgeable about the Board's work?

We rely on the perspectives provided by stakeholders. The staff at PESB regularly convenes groups for specific initiatives and I would encourage folks to follow the PESB social media outlets. Also, the participation of stakeholders is welcomed and appreciated at Board Meetings, which are deliberately located throughout the state over the course of the year. If physical presence is not feasible, engagement via the internet webinars and additional public comment is critical to guide our processes.

What’s your favorite dessert?

I'm a chocoholic, so you really can't go wrong, but favorite would have to be the classic Ice Cream Mud Pie.

Any additional comments to the educators who read this?

Continue the excellent work you do serving the students of Washington state. Don't hesitate to engage the board so that we can collectively achieve the overarching objective of insuring that every student in Washington state is instructed by an effective educator.