Administrators: Principal, Program Administrator, and Superintendent

Qualified applicants for an administrator certificate can seek the following types of certificates:

  • Principal certificate: serves as a leader at the building level (principal or assistant principal).
  • Program administrator certificate: serves as a leader for a specific program within a school or district (e.g., curriculum coordinator, director of special education, or director of career and technical education).
  • Superintendent certificate: serves as a leader at the district level (e.g., superintendent, assistant superintendent for finance, or associate superintendent for instructional services).

Principal, program administrator, and superintendent certificates can be earned by completing the appropriate PESB-approved preparation program. The Washington state-approved administrator programs and sites are listed below. Passage of the Education Reform bill in Washington State in 2010 allows non-higher education entities to become approved providers for the administrator certificates.

Requirements for Residency Administrator Certificate

Approved Administrator Programs