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Becoming Certified in Washington

Depending on your educational and professional  background, requirements to becoming certified to teach in Washington State may differ.  At a minimum you must also hold a Bachelors Degree or higher from a regionally accredited college/university and have completed the requirements from an approved teaching program in Washington or from a program approved by a state with Washington reciprocity. 

Alternative Routes to Certification

The Alternative Routes to Certification preparation programs are approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board. To learn more about approved Alternative Route programs please visit our Alternative Routes website.

Out of State Programs

Individuals may complete an out of state preparation program and apply for a Washington state certificate via reciprocity. The program must be regionally accredited and state approved. National accreditation is not required.  Individuals whose preparation was in another country may be able to apply for a Washington certificate based on a transcript review. Out of state educators are responsible for meeting all Washington testing requirements for the certificate. Please note PESB has no authority over out of state programs and can offer no information on the nature or quality of those programs since we do not evaluate them.