Professional Certificate for Teachers

Professional Certificate for Teachers

Please note that the professional certificate is mandatory and necessary to sustain teacher licensure in Washington State.

Established in 2000, the professional certificate is the second-tier license for Washington teachers. The professional certificate was implemented to change the state certification system to an evidence-based system and is intended to build the capacity of teachers to provide quality learning opportunities to all students. The professional certification standards and criteria define the performance in which our P-12 students need to be engaged and the capacity needed by teachers in order to provide those learning opportunities.

Two options for earning a professional certificate:

1. ProTeach Portfolio
    Review information at PESB Assessment page or Washington ProTeach Portfolio. 
    List of support providers

2. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    Review information at National Board Certification 

Please read advisory regarding the new National Board process and candidates with expiring residency credentials.

For information on renewing a professional certificate, please visit OSPI cert

Additional Resources

Profession Growth Plan

The PESB determined the Professional Growth Plan (PGP) and Professional Growth Team (PGT) are crucial to a teacher's demonstration of the professional certificate three standards and 12 criteria. As a result, the PGP was redefined (WAC 181-79A-030) as the document identifying the specific competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences needed to meet the standards (WAC 181-79A-207.) The candidate's PGP must be verified by the PGT and retained in the teacher's personal archives in case of audit. Click below for sample forms:

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