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Administrator Professional Certification

Administrator Professional Certification (Admin ProCert) is a job-embedded, contextualized professional development process and requirement for second-tier certification. The process focuses on increasing leadership skills in order to impact student learning.

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Information about your residency administrator certificate, reissuance or renewal contact the OSPI Certification office at or see their web site:

Residency Certificate Timeline for Principals, Program Administrators & School Counselors

Information about maintaining your professional certification and professional growth plans (PGPs) for certificate renewal (complete 4 PGPs with 5 years):

Admin ProCert Program Overview


All Admin ProCert programs include the following three phases:

Entry Seminar
Provides the candidate with an orientation to the job-embedded process and to the professional level benchmarks (also known as strands) of the six Standards, an in-depth self-evaluation using a 360-type assessment and other data and the development of a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) that will have a positive impact on student learning.


Professional Growth Plan Implementation
The candidate gathers job-embedded evidence based on each professional level benchmark of the six Standards. Standard 2 requires candidates to show how their leadership has made a positive impact on student learning and is the focus of the candidate's PGP, action research project and subsequent presentation. For the action research project, the candidate  implements, documents and collects evidence on an intervention or strategy designed for the purpose of positively impacting student learning. They produce a formal narrative describing the intervention or strategy, provide evidence in the form of data and artifacts, with an analysis about the impact on student learning.

Action Research Project Presentation
The candidate uses the formal narrative to develop a clear, concise presentation about their intervention or strategy with evidence showing how their leadership made a positive impact on student learning. The candidate presents the action research project to an audience approved by the candidate's program and the presentation is evaluated by the program using the Presentation Rubric.

Admin ProCert Program Information & Resources

Integrated Products

Candidates may complete integrated products based on the six Standards, at the professional benchmarks, or higher, to demonstrate their effectiveness as school leaders. These products are job-embedded and provide a consistent structure and emphasis for all candidates:

Action Research on Student Learning

The Administrator as Communicator and Change Agent

The Administrator as a Leader in Building Community

The Administrator as Manager of the Organization

All candidates complete the Action Research on Student Learning product (formerly known as Product 1) based on Standard 2. Candidates give a presentation on their action research to a panel of current and recently retired administrators who have been trained to evaluate the panel presentation. The panel will score the candidate's presentation using the Panel Presentation Rubric. The other integrated products may be used as needed to demonstrate proficiency with all six Standards.

Action Research for Student Learning Narrative

Candidates use a required template for the Action Research on Student Learning narrative:

Narrative Template

The program assesses the candidate's Action Research for Student Learning narrative and artifacts with the following rubrics:

Narrative & Artifacts Rubrics

Admin ProCert Program Communications

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Program Directors' Meeting (Jan. 8, 2014) - click on "file" and then "download" to view document.