Expiring Residency Teaching Certificate

Professional Certification is a mandatory second tier for teacher licensure. There are two options for earning a Washington second tier license.


Please read advisory regarding the new National Board process and candidates with expiring residency credentials.

Don't let your Residency Certificate expire!

Residency Certification timeline

There is a consequence for allowing your residency certificate to expire. Teachers who have exhausted all available renewals of their residency certificate and have not passed the ProTeach Portfolio or earned a National Board Certificate will have their residency certificate expire and will not be eligible for reinstatement of teacher licensure for one year past the expiration date of their final residency renewal. (WAC 181-79A-231(7)(A)) .

For information on re-issuance and renewal please visit OSPI's website or contact OSPI certification office by phone (360)-725-6400 or email cert@k12.wa.us.

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