Out of Endorsement Assignment and Assignment Waiver Forms

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) is the collector of out of endorsement assignment data per WAC 181-82-110(d). Previously this data was collected by the State Board of Education, but as a result of 2005 legislation (ESSB 5732) the PESB became the responsible policy board for educator preparation and certification, including the data collection and waivers for out of endorsement assignment. The out-of-endorsement assignment data is important to the PESB and other educational organizations for several reasons:

  1. Shows Need. This data yields key information about the teaching areas and regions of the state that may need assistance and/or support in finding appropriately endorsed teachers.
  2. Directs Assistance and Resources.  The PESB has developed alternative Pathways for teachers to add certificate endorsements and wishes to locate these pathway programs in areas with greatest need as well as provides funding through the Educator Retooling Program for shortage endorsements.
  3. Informs State Policy. The data also provides the PESB some evidence to reevaluate, update and change the rules related to state endorsement policy. 

Classroom Assignment Policy

WAC 181-82-105 explains how districts can assign teachers within districts.  Additionally, the Endorsement Related Assignment Table lists endorsements and the courses that they can teach.

Exceptions to Classroom Assignment

WAC 181-82-110 lists the exceptions to classroom teacher assignments.  Certain assignments may require a waiver from the Professional Educator Standards Board, OSPI Special Education Department, or receive local approval from your school board.  See Do I Need to Request a Waiver?  to determine if you need to request an assignment waiver.

Assignment Waiver Forms:


Out of Endorsement Data Summary for 2006-07

Out of Endorsement Data Summary for 2005-06

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