Inservice Professional Development    

RCW requires that half of certification fees collected are dedicated to continuing education for certification-related purposes. The Professional Educator Standards Board is engaged in a new initiative to provide opportunities for certified teachers to refresh their knowledge and skills through continuing education, particularly in more recently added areas of competency required of newer teachers that veterans may not have acquired, such as culturally competent professional practice and language acquisition. For educators in Washington State who hold, or seek to hold, and maintain current certification / licensure in Washington State, a process is needed to verify knowledge and skills, account for those accomplishments so the training can be used to renew their certificate, advance on the salary schedule, or record professional growth. These activities will be funded by certification fees. It must provide accurate, current, and public information that educators and other stakeholders can readily reference to plan professional growth opportunities and outcomes throughout their careers.

In the coming year, PESB has contracted with BloomBoard to pilot badging opportunities related to culturally competent professional practice and computer science.  Stay tuned to this page as this develops!