Indicator-Based Program Review

“Are the preparation programs implementing the cultural competency standards?  Are new teachers demonstrating culturally competent professional practice?” These are important questions, but ones difficult to answer under the previous system for evaluation preparation program effectiveness, common to most states, that has relied heavily on professional judgement and anecdote.  There is movement, and Washington State is a leader among states, in transitioning to a more data-informed system of program review that is intended to support preparation program continuous improvement and answer important questions about effectiveness of various aspects of educator preparation. Greater detail may be found on the Indicator-Based Evaluation Project site.   

Beyond this initiative, Washington State has important decisions to make about evaluating preparation program effectiveness in term of its impact on inservice practice, and perhaps most importantly, on students. This will require changes in state law to enable collection of data systematically and securely at the state level, such as teacher and principal evaluation data, so it may be aggregated by preparation program to examine trends in teacher performance by the program by which they were prepared.