Background, Status, and Future Direction of Initiative 

Senate Bill SSSB 5973, enacted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor after the 2009 session, charged the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) with identifying model standards for Cultural Competency and making recommendations on those standards to the legislature:

…in consultation and collaboration with the achievement gap oversight and accountability committee established under section 2 of this act, shall identify a list of model standards for cultural competency and make recommendations to the education committees of the legislature on the strengths and weaknesses of those standards.

A companion piece of Legislation, House Bill ESHB 2261, charged the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) to:

…Adopt a set of articulated teacher knowledge, skill, and performance standards for effective teaching that are evidence-based, measurable, meaningful, and documented in high quality research as being associated with improved student learning. The standards shall be calibrated for each level of certification and along the entire career continuum. In developing the standards, the board shall, to the extent possible, incorporate standards for cultural competency along the entire continuum.

A series of reports emerged from this initial charge and collaboration with the AGOAC (now the EOGOAC) which formed the foundation of what has become a core, priority initiative of the PESB.

Although the initial charge focused on development of standards along the career continuum, the work has now expanded to include:
  • Resources and support for teacher preparation programs to implement the standards. 
  • A variety of programmatic initiatives aimed at diversifying the educator workforce, including redesign of the Careers in Education Curriculum to reflect the Recruiting Washington Teachers Program and guidance and support for model recruitment practices. 
  • Redirect of funds from certification fees for continuing education on topics related to culturally-competent professional practice. 
  • Movement to an Indicator-Based System of Preparation Program Review to better and more objectively examine the degree to which educator preparation programs are resulting in culturally competent professional practice. 
Links to these initiatives may be found back on the main page for Culturally Competent Professional Practice, and related resources and documents are found here.